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Audria Smith - Bristlecone Audria Smith - Divine Pine - The Grandmother Tree Audria Smith - Cloud Caravans On My Mind Audria Smith - Glo Ascending Audria Smith - Arizona High Prairie Audria Smith - Sparklers Audria Smith - Cumulus and Coral Sands Audria Smith - West Canyon Cliffs Audria Smith - The Twisted Juniper Audria Smith - The Storm Came From the North Audria Smith - Boulder Sky

The Art of Audria Smith

“Audria breathes in the earth and sky, exhaling onto her canvases. Her trees speak their stories to her and she retells them in vivid blues, greens, and cadmiums reminiscent of the finest landscape artists of the American West of the 30s and 40s.”

Julie Sullivan

Art Director, Musician, Music Promoter, Art Lover

“Audria’s paintings let me relive those moments, emotions, and delights of images I love best in the world— clouds marching across a summer sky, or a gnarled tree near which I once hiked.”

Christa Sadler

Writer, Activist, Educator

“Her paintings are the Tree's Knees!”


Dog, Hiking Companion